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Postback settings

S2S (server-to-server) postback is a method of passing conversions from affiliate network to tracker without using cookie, script installation or any other pixel on the page after conversion happened (thank-you page).

Tracking is performed by relaying unique tracker macro in the offer URL and its passing from affiliate network back to tracker in the S2S postback URL, if conversion appears.

This method is considered to be the most reliable and secure for conversion tracking and recommended to be used, when possible.

Postback setup

  1. Copy offer link from affiliate network
  1. Insert it in corresponding field on side of tracker.
    At the end of tracking URL add a special BeMob macro to the specific parameter from your affiliate network.
    The macro will be replaced with unique click ID which will be set for each click on the tracker every time the redirect through the offer URL happens.

In our example s1 is the dedicated parameter from affiliate network to accept the click ID.

  1. Copy the postback URL from BeMob.


cid is the only obligatory parameter required to record conversions.

  • payout passes the revenue of conversion.

  • txid - unique transaction ID per conversion, e.g. order number.

  • status parameter is required to pass the status data of each conversion, providing more details when it is accepted, rejected or pending confirmation.

  1. Paste BeMob postback URL in the corresponding field on the side of affiliate network.
    Insert the corresponding macro which will be replaced with a unique click ID of conversion.
    Replace other possible parameters if available.
  1. After postback settings are saved move on to creating a campaign.

Postback test can be performed only if you have created a campaign beforehand.

Tips & Tricks

If the data should be sent via secure encrypted HTTPS protocol, use Secure postback URL.

Postback settings

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