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Getting started with BeMob tracker

This page will help you get started with BeMob Tracker. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

BeMob is a performance marketing tracking software for media buyers, affiliate and performance marketers.
This cloud based platform is a reliable product with complete set of advanced tools to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns in the most efficient way.

BeMob Key Features

In BeMob from beginner to expert can find all the advanced features to skyrocket your campaigns.

Traffic tracking and distribution system

Our advanced traffic tracking and distribution system is capable to optimize your ad campaigns and ensure the highest profitable growth.

Instant redirect
We have 11 Amazon data centres placed worldwide to ensure the fastest redirects for our users.

Real - time statistics and data reporting
The updated data appears in the tracker immediately. Any changes are reflected in your reports instantly.

Custom redirect domains
BeMob allows to use as many custom redirect domains as required to avoid issues with common domains using.

Traffic targeting
Correctly set targeting aimed to display relevant data to interested audience, thus increasing the profitability of your advertising campaigns.

Frequent updates
Every week our tech team introduces improvements into BeMob system to increase the productivity and optimize your work.
We are opened to new ideas on improvement to make our product even better.

Advanced database system
We are proud to mention that due to using the most recent and complete databases BeMob provides the most comprehensive user data in the reports.
No need to spend time and money on any other extra services.

BeMob Campaign Elements

BeMob operates in two major directions:

  • catching, organizing and displaying third party data in the most comfortable way.
  • identifying traffic destination.

To implement the first function, it is required to set affiliate network and traffic source in tracker.
The second aim is achieved by creating offer and landing page.

BeMob campaign is based on the following elements:

  • Affiliate Network
  • Traffic Source
  • Offer
  • Landing page


If you are promoting offers from direct advertiser, skip the option with adding affiliate network.
Also if you use an offer URL as campaign destination, then landing page is not required and the setup can also be ignored.

Traffic Source

Visitors' number for a web resource is crucial indicator of success in a campaign. Traffic sources are aimed to attract users and increase rate of customers' attendance.
Another words traffic sources are channels by which visitors come to your resource. These sources can provide an advertiser with high volumes of targeted traffic from all over the world.
In addition traffic sources can pass the additional data to enrich your reports in tracker, for instance, data on site id, publisher id, keyword etc.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate network is a sort of platform-mediator between affiliates and advertisers.
These networks gather offers from advertisers, providing the opportunity for affiliates to find desired one, take financial risks and proceed payments to affiliates.
An advertiser is interested in collaboration with major affiliate network then with several separate affiliates.
Adding an affiliate network in tracker is required to organize offers related to this network.


Offer is a product or service that is promoted through the campaign and as usual, it is a destination point for traffic.
The most important step to pay attention to when adding offer is correct conversion tracking setup.
BeMob is able to support two methods of conversion tracking via s2s postback and tracking pixel.

Landing Page

Landing page is a dedicated web page that appears before your offer and provides visitors with the information about offer.


Landing page hosting is not available with BeMob. You landing pages should be hosted externally.

Landing page is not just a well-designed page to catch visitor's attention.
This page is required to generate conversions for describing goods or services in a short time, convincing customer that he has found desired item.
A strong landing page helps not only to increase the conversion rate, but also guarantees the fastest ROI of your campaign.

Getting started with BeMob tracker

This page will help you get started with BeMob Tracker. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

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