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Offer Details

An offer is an advertising link which can be received from affiliate network. If you promote an offer from the affiliate network, this network will pay you the commission for each successful action - registration, sale, lead, download etc.
The offer will be the end point of ad campaign which you set up with BeMob.

To add an offer with BeMob it is required to follow these steps:

  • select Offers tab on the panel
  • press New.

The offer settings will appear in new window.

The offer settings consist from two parts: offer details and advanced options.

Offer Details

Offer details include the following parts:

  1. Offer name
    The name includes custom name and country data.
    Specify the required name of the offer. You can copy the offer name from your affiliate network or customize it if required.
    By default country data is set up to Global. Global should be also selected if your offer is dedicated to more than one country.


Country selection is not affecting the traffic distribution in your campaign.
It only affects the availability of this offer in campaign and flow settings.
Traffic distribution by geo should be set up through the Flow rules.

Country settings should match the country selection in campaign of flow which you are planning to connect to this offer.
Example: if the offer country is set up to Canada, the campaign or flow geo should be either Canada or Global.
The selection of other country in campaign/ flow settings will not be possible in this case.

When the specific country is selected from the list, its value will be added to the offer name automatically.

  1. Offer URL
    This field is required for placing the tracking URL from affiliate network or from the advertiser.
    You will need to copy the offer URL from your affiliate network (or get the offer link from the direct advertiser) and specify the link in this field.


If the automatic click ID passing is not switched on in the affiliate network settings in BeMob, the {clickId} token should be specified at the end of offer link.

BeMob token {clickId} is required to pass the unique click ID data, when redirect to the offer is performed, another words when someone clicks on your ad and reaches the offer page.
This token should be added to the end of offer URL along with corresponding parameter to accept click IDs.


We suggest to add the click ID parameter and token at the stage of the affiliate network settings in BeMob.

To know more about automatic click ID settings check our Click ID guide.

  1. Tags
    This option is required to organize the most convenient work with your offers.
    To find more about tags see our dedicated guide on tags.
  1. Affiliate network
    Before you set up the offer it is always recommended to configure the affiliate network in BeMob.
    The affiliate network can be or selected from our preconfigured list or set up manually.

After the affiliate network is set up, you can select this network in offer settings and all the required settings such as click ID and postback URL will appear automatically.
This will not only make the settings easier for you, but will connect the offer with the related affiliate network and enrich the report data.

Click on the list to see all the preconfigured affiliate networks with your BeMob account.

  • available tokens for offer URL.
    Beside the {clickId} it is possible to add the required token to the offer URL from the list of available tokens. This allows to pass the additional data from BeMob to your affiliate network.

Example: if it is required to pass the campaign name or ID to your affiliate network, it can be easily done via appending the {campaignName} and {campaignId} token.


Before you add the tokens to the offer URL, you should find out how they are accepted on the side of affiliate network.
Contact the manager of affiliate network to specify the sub id for each token you want to add.

Here is the example of offer URL with additional data tokens:{clickId}&subid2={ip}&subid3={country}

The example of offer URL with the resolved data:сс&subid2=999.999.999.999&subid3=UK

It is important to add the parameters correctly. Otherwise the data will not be passed with the offer URL.

Specify the name of parameter from the affiliate network to receive the data from tracker.
Then you should add the corresponding token from the list of available:





ID of visit on your ad campaign


Campaign data


Traffic source data


Landing page data


Offer data


Geo data


OS data


Device data




ISP, carrier, connection type data


Browser data


User Agent data


IPs and domains data

If your affiliate network requires the data on zone ID, ad ID or other data from traffic source, add {custom1}, {custom2}, {customN} macros at the end of offer URL.

For instance, it is required to pass the data on zone ID to the side of your affiliate network follow the steps below:

  • go to the traffic source settings.
    Zone ID is located in Custom 1 field.
  • add subid2={custom1} at the end of offer URL.

As a result your affiliate network will receive the zone ID data with each click passed.

  1. Postback URL
    The postback URl will be prepopulated if you select the preconfigured affiliate network.
    All the REPLACE and OPTIONAL will be replaced with the corresponding tokens.

If the affiliate network is not selected from preconfigured, then the sample postback URL will be displayed.

After all the main offer settings are configured, you can move on to Advanced option.


If you have any questions or need the assistance with the settings, contact our support team through the live chat or at [email protected]

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Offer Details

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