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Offer URL

Offer URL section is required for placing the tracking URL from affiliate network or from the advertiser.


If using S2S postback for the conversion tracking, it's required to place {clickId} to the end of the offer.

For conversion pixel tracking this action should be ignored, because click ID will be subtracted from cookie.

BeMob token {clickId} is required to pass the unique click ID data, when redirect to the offer is made. This token should be added to the end of offer URL along with corresponding parameter to accept click IDs.
Each network has its own dedicated parameter to accept click ID data.

Tips & Tricks

We suggest to add BeMob click ID parameter at the stage of setting the required affiliate network.
Contact your AN manager to find out if it is possible with your network.

When you select this network in offer settings, the corresponding click ID will be appended to all the offers.

Offer URL

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