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Campaign links opens Error 403

When try to open campaign link it Shows me this Error Error 403 Traffic was stopped due to the payment failure. Please contact support for details. Why is that and How can I fix it Note: I Have no pending payments and upgraded to professional Plan

Combined landing/offers affiliate page

SO where in BeMob campaign setup should a combined offers/landings link be placed? My inquiry is about proper Bemob campaign setup using a combined Offers-Landings link . My affiliate links (from Adcombo Affiliate Network) can be a preconfigured affiliate landing page with the affiliate offer page combined all in one URL tracking link. I've read and I understand the function of all 5 tabs used to create a BeMob campaign. Normally I use 2 individual links. One link to the offers page and the other links to the the landing tab. However, in this case, I'm not certain whether I should place the combined link into the "Offers" settings or in the "Landings" settings. And also will it be necessary to set up a custom postback step for tracking conversions from the combined landing page to its offer page? Hopefully this inquiry makes logical sense. Thank You

Multi-step Funnel Tracking

My funnel is setup as follows:- PPC Traffic -> Optin page -> Autoresponder -> Thank you Page -> Offer How do I setup bemob to track the click to Optin page, the lead, and clicks to the offer? If the offer is taken, the keyword that generated the sale must also be tracked. Thanks!

How to add Click Url in Clickfunnels?


do i need to add a bemob url to landing page

I am new at tracking. I set up a campaign do i need to add bemob url to my landing page. i trying to run an ad on msn and need bemob to track it

Quick question

how can i connect Bemob to my affiliate landing page created with WordPress ?

Landing Secret Key

I want to know how do I add the landing secret key to my landing page?

How to add postback url to wordpress

How to add postback url to wordpress

Conversion Tracking

Hello, bemob didn't track my Click bank conversions ps : everything is set up correctly and I'm already tracking other conversions please help me to fix that and I want to find my click ID to upload the conversions manually thank you.

how much time to get ssl certificat for my custom domain

I added a custom domain for tracking about 5 hours but ssl certificate didn't activate