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Hello I need help seting up my bemob for with my jumbbleberry account.

I'm new to bemob and to say I'm lost is an understatement I need to set up bemob with my jumbbleberry account

Multi-step Funnel Tracking

My funnel is setup as follows:- PPC Traffic -> Optin page -> Autoresponder -> Thank you Page -> Offer How do I setup bemob to track the click to Optin page, the lead, and clicks to the offer? If the offer is taken, the keyword that generated the sale must also be tracked. Thanks!

Conversion Tracking

Hello, bemob didn't track my Click bank conversions ps : everything is set up correctly and I'm already tracking other conversions please help me to fix that and I want to find my click ID to upload the conversions manually thank you.

Can I use httacces RewriteRule with Landing Page Pixel for Google Ads?

Hi, On my lander I have links to /go/affoffer I use .htaccess RewriteRule to redirect /go/offer to my affiliate link ONLY if traffic is from specific GEOs. I can to conditional redirects easy thanks to Cloudflare IP Geolocation - it is free and very stable solution. RewriteCond %{HTTP:CF-IPCountry} ^US$ RewriteRule ^go/affoffer$ https:// my custom domain with all params for affilite offer [QSA,R=302,L] This works for me for a long time with no issues. Now I want to add Landing Page Pixel to track Google Ads. Can you help to set up this? Thanks!

Tracking an Email Campaign

Hi, I want to track (if possible) a visitor from PPC Ad >-> Landing page >-> Opt-in form >-> followup emails >-> sales conversion. I am using Convertkit for my autoresponder. So, if a visitor buys through a certain email, I will be able to tell what keyword, ad, etc they came through, and what email they bought through. Is this possible using BeMob? Thank you, Scott

Conversion firing without an affiliate network

Hi there! We are having massive problems trying to figure how out to fire a conversion when a user successfully registers. The problem is that my client does not use hasoffers or cake. They put the conversion pixel on the thank you page, but it still doesnt register. How do we resolve this? Been 1 month and we still cant figure it out!

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Сделайте редактируемыми вопросы здесь

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Добавьте удаление конверсий

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Добавьте статус ТРЕШ в настройки постбека.

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