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run multiple offers

Hi I want to run 1 landing page There are 4 CTA buttons and each CTA button is 1 fixed offer Help me

tracking sin pagina puente

Se Puede hacer tracking aqui en bemob sin landing page ? yendo directo a la carta de venta de la oferta

Editing more than one landing page's URL at once

It would be very convenient to have a functionality that allows editing landing pages in bulk. For example, if I wanna change my domain name and update it in landing pages, I have to repeat this action for each and every landing page containing the domain. There could be something like Find & Replace.

Can I use httacces RewriteRule with Landing Page Pixel for Google Ads?

Hi, On my lander I have links to /go/affoffer I use .htaccess RewriteRule to redirect /go/offer to my affiliate link ONLY if traffic is from specific GEOs. I can to conditional redirects easy thanks to Cloudflare IP Geolocation - it is free and very stable solution. RewriteCond %{HTTP:CF-IPCountry} ^US$ RewriteRule ^go/affoffer$ https:// my custom domain with all params for affilite offer [QSA,R=302,L] This works for me for a long time with no issues. Now I want to add Landing Page Pixel to track Google Ads. Can you help to set up this? Thanks!

I want to delete the account

I want to delete the account, please understand and accept the request

Dominio de seguimiento

¿Como agrego un dominio de seguimiento mi dominio lo tengo en sered.net?

Adding of thank you page

Can I add thank you page before the affiliate offer?

Unable to view ISP

Used to be able to see the various isp but now all I see is cloudflare

Using a Tracking URL on an Optin Form

HI, If I was using a optin form on my landing page, would I still replace the getresponse (autoresponder) button with the Bemob tracking URL? How would I do that? Thanks! Scott

Tracking an Email Campaign

Hi, I want to track (if possible) a visitor from PPC Ad >-> Landing page >-> Opt-in form >-> followup emails >-> sales conversion. I am using Convertkit for my autoresponder. So, if a visitor buys through a certain email, I will be able to tell what keyword, ad, etc they came through, and what email they bought through. Is this possible using BeMob? Thank you, Scott