Events Data

Before you start running your successful campaigns with BeMob we recommend to get acquainted with BeMob key terms.

An event can be described as the statistics data recorded for your active campaign with BeMob. This term covers the data on visits, clicks and conversions. Impressions data is not counted as events.

An impression is registered with the uploading of special impression pixel along with your ad banner on a website.

A visit is recorded when a user visits your landing page or offer which means that he goes through the campaign URL.

A click is registered when a visitor clicks CTA button placed on your landing page and moves to the offer, going through the click URL.

A conversion is any successful action that follows your offer. It can be registration, ordering or uploading an application etc.



If you don't use landing pages in campaign, then all the users will be redirected to the offer and this event will be identified as a visit.

In your campaign reports you can also see the data on unique and bot impressions, clicks, visits.



When a user goes through the campaign URL for the first time, a cookie with campaign id is assigned and it expires in 24 hours.

It means that all the events that happen in these 24 hours are considered to be not unique.
Bot events are classified according to the global bot rules that you set for your account.

Many affiliate networks can pass conversion statuses via postback URL. With BeMob you can track all the stages of your conversion, from the moment it appeared to the actual payment.

There are 4 available postback statuses in BeMob:

  • New — status for new conversion
  • Approved — conversion with this status will be marked as confirmed and conversion revenue will be added in the report
  • Declined — for declined
  • Chargeback — conversion with this status will be marked as charged and conversion revenue will be included in a report.

All the data on available and used events can be checked in Subscriptions.


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