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Bemob and Bing

Hi all, I'm having issues with tracking a bing offer. I've added landing page and offer and added advertiser into bemob. now when I create ad in bing, i use the final url as the main advert page .e.g Fitness.com and when I add the tracking url at the bottom ( which is copied from URL Links in bemob under campaign I get an error that says mitmatch url, not sure what im doing wrong thanks,

Auto-pausing Campaigns for Site Host Outages

Hi If I have a campaign running on a site that crashes, is there any way BeMob can detect the crash—or receive third-party notification of the crash—and pause my campaigns so the traffic isn't wasted? Thank yuou Kevin

Alfaleads-Bemob Integration?

Hi, I need help adding an offer from Alfaleads. Thanks!

Tracking Toro Advertising Campaign

Hi Guys, can you help me with any tutorial to track my Toro Advertising Campaig By Bemob? Thanks.

Tracking Registration and 3rd party affiliate conversion

How can i will do this. I want to track 2 step (CPA/CPL and CPS) like: Step1: People come from traffic source will go to my landing page > then complete a registration form > then go to thank you page > conversion fired & this conversion will be known as lead. Step 2: From thank you page > they will go to a 3rd party affiliate offers from a affiliate network. > conversion from affiliate network will be known as CPS

Postback URL Setup

Hello, I am new to CPA and tracking in general, I want to track my Fiverr Affiliate campaign with Bemob. What I don't Understand it how to correctly setup the postback URL. This is what I was given by Bemob: https://lxxxd.bemobtrk.com/postback?cid=REPLACE&payout=OPTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL&status=OPTIONAL I don't know how to correctly input the CID, Payout etc from fiverr end. I have contacted fiverr support and be is what I was given: Two parameters can be added to the pixel code, in order for the pixel to return the corresponding data (generated by you on the tracking link, see the “Adding Dynamic Parameters” section): ● [TrackingCode] - Returns the Tracking Code value set in the tracking link (as utm_campaign). For networks – implement your sub-IDs parameter in the [TrackingCode]. ● [afp] - Returns the affiliate parameter, as assigned in the affiliate link, and passed on the tracking link. If you would like to add one or both of these parameters, add them to your pixel code following this format: postbackurl/?.NAME_OF_PARAM_IN_YOUR_SYSTEM=[TrackingCode]&NAME_OF_PA RAM_2_IN_YOUR_S YSTEM=[afp] For example, if your systems refers to source data as “sub_id” and refers to click id as “transaction_id” the pixel code you configure will look like this: http://www.yourpostbackurl.com/?sub_id=[TrackingCode]&transaction_id=[afp]. In addition to your own generated dynamic parameters, you can receive system data as well. Available data includes: • [ProductId] - The first-time buyer’s category ID in the pixel code • [ProductName] - The first-time buyer’s category name written with spaces • [ProductNameNoSpaces] - The first-time buyer’s category name without spaces • [CommissionAmount] - The commission you have earned • [UserId] - Returns the user ID of the newly registered • [DepositId] - The transaction ID for each first-time deposit The system data should be configured in the same way. The parameters should be configured on the postback code using the exact syntax For example: http://www.yourpostbackurl.com/?payout=[CommissionAmount] Can anyone please help me decode the correct postback URL from this.

Conversion firing without an affiliate network

Hi there! We are having massive problems trying to figure how out to fire a conversion when a user successfully registers. The problem is that my client does not use hasoffers or cake. They put the conversion pixel on the thank you page, but it still doesnt register. How do we resolve this? Been 1 month and we still cant figure it out!

track my landing page without campaing

Hi! I want to track my suscription landing page. I have not offer to the landing I have not campaing. Just my landing page to ppl suscribe to receive other offers. When the ppl input name and email, redirect to my main site (a blog, not offer, not campaing). There is any way to track these landing page? I try to use CTA click url but the button have not space to this field. Just to send the ppl to my Autoresponder. Help me please!

track my campaigns without affiliate link ?

i need to know how to track my campaigns if i don't work with affiliate network and working direct

Retargeting Pixels

Do yo offer the ability to add Retargeting Pixels to a link for Facebook, Google and others to be used in email marketing or direct linking where adding code to the landing page is not possible ? I would like to build a lookalike audience from people who click on my links in email campaigns. Thank you