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Combined landing/offers affiliate page

SO where in BeMob campaign setup should a combined offers/landings link be placed?

My inquiry is about proper Bemob campaign setup using
a combined Offers-Landings link .

My affiliate links (from Adcombo Affiliate Network) can be a preconfigured affiliate landing page with the affiliate offer page combined all in one URL tracking link.
I've read and I understand the function of all 5 tabs used to create a BeMob campaign.
Normally I use 2 individual links. One link to the offers page and the other links to the the landing tab.
However, in this case, I'm not certain whether I should place the combined link into the "Offers" settings or in the "Landings" settings.
And also will it be necessary to set up a custom postback
step for tracking conversions from the combined landing page to its offer page?

Hopefully this inquiry makes logical sense. Thank You