How does the tracking work?

Here is the basic scheme with traffic source and affiliate network offers involved

  1. When a user clicks on you ad, he will be redirected through your campaign URL straight to your offer. This event will be qualified as a visit in BeMob report.
    If you use a landing page, then the user will be redirected to it before he sees your offer.
    After he clicks CTA button on your landing page, he gets to the offer. This event will be counted as a click.
    If the user clicks your offer, this event might become a conversion.

  2. The postback set between affiliate network and BeMob passes the data on conversion, which will be recorded in statistics.

  3. If your traffic source supports the postback system, you should set it to send the data on conversions to your source in order to optimize your campaigns.

How can I track conversions with BeMob?

BeMob allows to track conversion via setting s2s postback with your affiliate network.
If you are promoting your propper offers or offers from direct advertiser, the tracking pixel is available for these cases.

What is tracking pixel?

Tracking pixel is required when an offer can support only client-side pixel to track conversions. As usual this method is used when you use offers from direct advertiser or your proper offers.

This tracking mechanism is cookie-based. When using it, BeMob click ID is stored in the cookie which is sent for each campaign visit.

Tracking pixel is ready to be sent back to the tracker upon notification of a conversion, hence it is placed on "thank you" page which follows the offer.

Where can I find the tracking pixel?

The tracking pixel along with other tracking URLs is available in your BeMob settings.
Please note that tracking URLs are unique for each BeMob account.

What is the difference between tracking pixel and S2S postback URL?

S2S (Server-to-server) postback passes the data on conversion between the server of an affiliate network and the tracker through this link. Pixels pass information through the cookie of a user's browser. S2S postback is considered to be the more precise and reliable method of tracking conversions.

Where can I get macros for a postback?

You should contact your affiliate network manager to find out what macros are supported in the postback.

When will conversions appear in BeMob?

As usual conversion appears in statistics right after your affiliate network sends it in postback. A delay up to 60 sec might occur if your traffic volumes are low. Please contact our support team if you are facing problems with receiving conversions.

What postback types are supported with BeMob ?

BeMob supports both GET and POST postback types. Within redirects our tracker accepts GET requests, within postbacks - both GET and POST types.

The postback is set. Why do I see no conversions in the BeMob report?

Please make sure that the postback is set correctly. Note that if your network is not added in BeMob templates, then it is required to be set manually.
You should copy the postback URL from BeMob and change 'REPLACE' and all possible ‘OPTIONAL’ parts with actual macros from your affiliate network.
The click ID is the only obligatory parameter to be replaced. All other parameters are required to make tracking easier.
If the postback is set correctly and you still see no conversions in your BeMob report, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Some conversions are missing from my BeMob report. How can I add them?

It is possible to add conversions manually. Click Settings -> Upload conversions. Then introduce the click ID value of missing conversion.
You can also add the payout and transaction ID data to enrich your report.

Why should I use 'Append BeMob click ID' option ?

This option is not mandatory, but it is aimed to make tracking easier for you. It allows to use one same sub id parameter for passing a unique click ID for all offers of affiliate network.
After you select this option It is required to introduce in appeared field the parameter which is used by your affiliate network to accept the unique click ID from BeMob.
This name will be added automatically to offer URL.

My affiliate network doesn’t support automatic click ID substitution. How should the click ID data be passed?

In this case the data on click ID can be passed by adding {clickId} to each offer from this affiliate network manually. Please contact your affiliate manager to clarify how the click ID token should be added with this network.

The postback settings are correct, but I am loosing conversions.

Some affiliate networks can send double conversions with the same click ID, but with different statuses and transaction IDs.
If BeMob receives two postback requests (conversions) with the same click IDs and with no unique transaction ID or status, this conversion will not be accepted by default.
If your affiliate network can’t pass the data on transaction ID or status, then it is required to activate ‘Accept double postback’ option. This will allow to override default settings and accept conversions with the same click IDs more than once.

Is it possible to track traffic cost with BeMob?

If your traffic source can pass cost data in special token, then you should define it in traffic source settings with BeMob. This token will be used to pass the dynamic cost value from your traffic source to the tracker.
With this token set it will be possible to select Auto cost model in campaign settings.

There is no postback URL in traffic source settings.

When you select a traffic source from templates, BeMob will pre-populate all the required fields with corresponding values automatically.
If the postback field is empty, it means that either your traffic source doesn’t support tracking via postback. Contact your traffic source manager for details.

My traffic source can pass the data on zone ID / publisher ID / keyword. Can I see the report on this data in BeMob?

There are 10 custom parameters that can be appended to the campaign URL to pass the data from traffic source to the tracker or to the target web site.

You should add these as custom parameters in traffic source settings on the side of tracker.

To see the report on custom parameters you should select the required campaign, press Report button. Then click Custom tab on the panel and the most detailed report on these parameters will appear.

Is it possible to add other tokens in the traffic source template?

You can fill out corresponding fields with custom parameters from your traffic source if they are missing from the template.

Is it possible to track banner impressions with BeMob?

This option is available with BeMob. If you want to track impressions using your traffic source and this source accepts impression tracking, mark the checkbox with Track impressions option.
This option enables to use CPM cost model in campaign settings to set the cost of 1000 banner impressions.

How to track clicks?

With BeMob clicks are registered when a visitor clicks CTA button placed on your landing page and moves to the offer. To track clicks you should set a landing page correctly, then clicks will appear in your statistics.

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