Subscription and Billing

Where can I find your pricing?

BeMob pricing plans are listed on our web site:

What is an event?

An event can be described as the statistics data recorded for your active campaign with BeMob. This term covers the data on visits, clicks and conversions.
For instance, you have 60 clicks, 100 visits and 40 conversions registered for your campaigns. The total amount of events will be 200.

Where can I find the information on events used / left?

Click Settings tab on the panel, then press Subscriptions. The data on events will be available there.

Do you have a referral program?

Our referral program allows to receive regular income from payments made by your involved users.
Click Referral program tab on the panel. Use the links to attract your referrals. All registered users will be permanently added to your referrals.
You will get 10% commission on all basic payments from referrals.
Rewards are paid once your referral bonuses will reach the $10 threshold.

What is happening in case of an overage on paid plan?

Once you reach the events limit included in your pricing plan, you will be charged for overage.
A notice with the debt for exceeding the limit will appear when you login with BeMob.
You will not have the access to any report or campaign items until you pay the bill. However this will not affect your campaigns - they will continue working.
To receive the access to your campaign reports and other data you should update the payment method and pay for an overage.

What payment options can be used?

To pay your BeMob plan you can use PayPal or card.

How can I use a promo code?

If you have a promo code from our partners, it can be applied in Subscriptions.
Before you apply a promo code, it is required to add your preferred payment method. We accept cards and PayPal.

Do you make refunds?

According to our Terms and Conditions we do not make refunds.

Can you provide special payment conditions when working with significant traffic volumes?

Please contact our support team on this matter.
[email protected]
skype: live:pr_1688
telegram: @bemob

What is VAT?

This is the Value Added Tax. If you are not an European Union citizen, then leave the section blank
BeMob prices doesn't include VAT.
If you are an EU citizen, you need to specify VAT ID while completing invoice details.
Otherwise VAT will be automatically added to your monthly invoice.

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