I've received a false conversion in my report. Can I delete it?

Unfortunately we don't offer this option. Once conversion has appeared in BeMob reports, you will not be able to delete it.

How can I delete campaign or campaign item?

It is not possible to delete a campaign or its item permanently.
You can only remove a campaign or the element from the reports by placing the selected element into archive.

When trying to place in to the archive a traffic source/ offer / affiliate network, I keep seeing a notice that this item is used in one of my campaigns.

How can I move to archive the required item after all?

Let us show you how it can be done using an example with traffic source.
You place a campaign with this traffic source in to the archive or change the campaign settings by selecting another traffic source for this campaign.
After that you can move the required traffic source in to the archive. Similar archiving procedure is for other campaign's items.

Why do I see ‘empty’ in my report on custom parameters?

If you see ‘empty’ instead of corresponding values in the report on custom parameters, it means that no data was passed from your traffic source to this parameter. Please contact your traffic source manager to solve the issue.

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