What is BeMob and who should use this service ?

BeMob is a performance marketing tracking software for media buyers and affiliates.
It’s a cloud based platform and reliable product with a complete set of tools to optimize your advertising campaigns in the most efficient way.

Why is a tracker needed?

BeMob provides all the necessary features to increase the performance of your ad campaigns:

  • Accurate targeting
  • Daily capping for offers
  • Percentage of traffic loss
  • Landing page and retargeting pixels
  • Landing page security
  • Hide-referrer option
  • Automatic campaign optimization
  • Multi-user access
  • Split testing
  • Conversion statutes
  • Impression tracking
  • QR codes for mobile campaigns
    These BeMob advanced tools will definitely help to skyrocket your conversions.

How can I buy traffic from BeMob?

BeMob is a tracking tool for traffic. We don’t have options of selling traffic or offers. However you can contact our partners from the list of networks with pre-configured settings - they will be glad to help you.

What should I do to start using BeMob?

To start with BeMob you should create an account. Click Sign up button, introduce your name, email and password in the appeared window.

Is it possible to use for mobile tracking?

BeMob is completely suitable for creating, managing and optimizing mobile campaigns.

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