Why is the cost not tracking for my campaign?

This issue might occur if you have selected the Auto cost tracking in the campaign settings without specifying the cost token in traffic source settings.



There are two ways the cost can be tracked in BeMob: automatically (when the cost data is passed in dedicated token via campaign URL) or manually (when the cost value is specified in campaign settings after the corresponding cost model is selected).

To fix the issue of cost tracking it required to perform the following steps:

  • check if your traffic source provides the dedicated cost token.
    Each traffic source has own dedicated custom token which should be specified in the documentation of your traffic source or clarified with your traffic source manager. If these options are not available, you can contact our support team for the assistance.



If your traffic source has no dedicated cost token, the Auto model can not be selected.
Choose one of other 4 cost models available in BeMod or Do Not Track option.

  • specify the correct cost token in traffic source settings.
    To make sure the cost token is correctly configured, go to Traffic Sources section and find the traffic source you are running the campaign with, then press Edit.

The token should be specified in Cost field of the traffic source settings on the side of BeMob.

  • generate the campaign link with cost token and update this URL on the side of your traffic source
    To find the updated link for your campaign select the campaign and press Campaign Links button.

The campaign link with cost token should be added on the side of traffic source. The newly incoming traffic data should be passed with cost value now.

For traffic which was received with no cost value it is required to use the Update Cost option.
Consider the guide on cost update for reading or contact our support team.

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